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Coastal Connect cover.png

Coastal Connect

(IBM Design Sprint)

iOS App Prototype

// My Role:

    UI/UX Design

    UX Research

    Usability Testing


This is a week-long design sprint team project. We were approached by the "Coastal University" - a fictional university presented to us by IBM.

The challenge was to improve the experience of Coastal University students when collaborating as members of virtual teams both in school and work-related projects.

After consolidating insights from interviews, I sketched out the following concept:


The concept of this design is to allow users - students at the Coastal University - to connect with team members, while having easy access to course material from the university's Learning Management System.  After pooling ideas from everyone on the team, we voted for the design that best addresses user's needs. This is then followed by developing a low fidelity prototype, usability testings and 2 prototype iterations.

Based on the University's logo, I created a visual identity for the digital product, including app name & logo, colours, fonts, etc. This style guide is applied to the UI of our high fidelity prototype. The name Coastal Connect indicates the goal of this app - for the students at Coastal University to connect virtually.

Coastal Connect LOGO.png

By the end of the sprint, we created a hi-fi prototype with 26 screens starting on the Login and ending on the Profile:

old 2.png

I revisited the project after the sprint ended, and saw some opportunities in improving the UI:

prototypes 1.png
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