a little about me:

 the journey 

I'm fascinated with innovation and technology. Ever since I was a kid, I have been greedy for books, especially sci-fi novels. I would stay up late into the night to finish a book that I just cannot put down. I believe the future and technology hold limitless possibilities - that's why I'm always curious and always learning.

I enjoy solving problems, creating effective solutions, as well as using visuals to facilitate better communication. As a former doctor-in-training turned designer, my diverse background and prior experience working with startups led me onto the path of UI/UX design, where I can impact and enter the Matrix . . . I mean the digital realm.

Currently, my work focuses on the user interface and creating a scalable design system. I love combining the art of aesthetics and functionality. Being in the digital health industry also allows me to learn and practice accessible and inclusive designs. My goal is to design user-centered and experience-focused digital products.



Logo Design

Marketing Content

Website Design

UI Design

UX Design (Diploma to be completed Dec 2020)

Certified Interpreter & translator (Chinese/English)

 design tools 

MacBook Pro 

                     Figma, Sketch

                     Adobe Xd

                     Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

iPad Pro + Apple Pencil 


I'm a bookworm who loves to travel, discover new food, and find exciting adventures along the way.


#Sci-FiLover  #CoffeeAddict  #Potterhead #PartTimePainter

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